One to One consultations with the foodie pharmacist.

About the consultation.

My consults are based on the principles of functional medicine. This means that each person is unique. I will spend time to look at your history to form a medical time-line, taking into account your genetics, environmental and lifestyle factors, with the aim of guiding us towards the root cause(s) of your health issue.

My consults are based on intense information gathering, so preliminary questionnaires will be sent to you prior to your appointment to assist in this process.

You will leave the consult with recommendations regarding your diet and lifestyle. I will also send you a follow up email with a health plan to give your guidance with regard to your health goals, highlighting what the root cause(s) is and how we can address these.

I have extensive years of experience in the health industry. This has given me valuable insight into chronic health conditions which now account for 90% of deaths in Australia. Science is now supporting my view that you can take back the control of your health and not be dictated by your genetic predisposition.

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